1960s Lemon Yellow Linen

My initial thoughts behind this post were to discuss the modern essence of this dress. There is something so classic in its design that often times, when wearing it, I wonder if it appears to even be vintage. It reminded me of the cyclical nature of fashion, the idea that trends and styles and inspirations come back in waves decade after decade.

This bright yellow linen dress is from the 1960s, but something similar could easily been spotted in a department store last spring. Its simple shape, peppy color, darted bust, and eye-catching crochet details make it a timeless sort of garment.

I also hoped to make the argument that the sixties have been the most influential decade in terms of trend resurgence. Beginning in the 1990s with the reintroduction of looks like the baby doll dress, 60s inspiration continued into the 2000s and 2010s with bold prints as semi-professional office attire as well as the bohemian look rightfully associated with music festivals.

Unfortunately, the very specific examples of geometric and floral prints I had in mind weren’t something I was able to find, and I believed that was where the crux of my case was. (This article I found does however encapsulate a lot of the other thoughts I had and provides some great visuals.)

But the truth is, as with many of my recent posts, I’ve found I’m just as interested in applying the concept to my own life. Much like fashion, much like the changing of leaves, life is cyclical. We might swing back and forth between highs and lows, between wanting and shunning, showing and hiding. There may one day exist within grasp the most beautiful colors we’ve ever imagined, only to be followed by the bleakest and most grey feelings we’ve ever encountered.

As I continue on my vintage journey–finding pieces, wearing them, sharing my thoughts on the subject–I have to remember that even this experience is cyclical. There are times I don’t want to wear vintage or can’t because of the weather. There are times I feel utterly at a loss for what to say about vintage, not to mention good ol’ impostor syndrome telling me even if I did know what to say, I’ve no business saying it because I might not be as qualified as someone else.

But there is plenty of sway in the opposite direction. Like the terribly fun challenge of dressing down a glamorous dress (this one, with a brown silk button-down tied over it) for work. Or having a friend point to an outfit and say they would wear it themselves, reminding you that while vintage is different and sometimes odd, you are not the only one inspired by it. Sometimes it’s as simple as a dress like this one. As modern and classic as it feels, it assures you that you’re right where you need to be, that the change of seasons will go on, and that you will be okay for it.

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